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Original intention still evolves By Louis Grumet The recent death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia will hopefully bring an end to the silliness engendered by the vaunted “original intent” judicial philosophy he espoused. This doctrine begs a question: Whose original intent? Although Justice Scalia routinely answered that query with a simple, “Why, the Founding Fathers, of course!” I pose additional questions: “Which Founding Father, and in what context?” Although it is appealing to look back at the words and intentions of the true geniuses who drafted our Constitution and built the… Read More

Author’s 1st Thoughts

The Hobby Lobby case has dangerously expanded the concept of accommodation by recognizing corporations right to religious freedom. Please continue the discussion in the comments below.

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Reader’s 1st Question Readers, How does this case relate to Hobby Lobby? Please continue the discussion in the comments.